About Rotageek

Rotageek helps organisations predict and meet demand, using complex data-driven technologies to effectively and fairly schedule staff. We use personalised algorithms and machine learning to find patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed - providing best in class and fully personalised business forecasting and scheduling.

We have offices in London and Melbourne and our clients include O2, Dune, William Hill, Maplin and The Perfume Shop to name just a few. We’re growing really quickly but our approach and our ambitions remain personal, and they always will. Our goal is to create a step change in scheduling capabilities using data-driven, highly intelligent technology that is agile and works both for business and people.

We're incredibly proud of our team and we go above and beyond to hire and retain the very best in every field. Our CEO is (really) devoted to making Rotageek the best place to work, and so while we work really, really hard, we definitely play hard, too.

If you’re genuinely good, if you really want to work for a scaling tech business, and if you don’t have an ego, we would love to meet you. We’re always searching for passionate, brilliant and kind people to join our team.

To learn more about our technologies, our team and our story visit www.rotageek.com

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