Senior Full Stack Software Developer

London, England, United Kingdom · Technology


Why you should join us

We’ve built up a team of outstanding and passionate people, and we work hard to keep them. We’re devoted to making Rotageek the best place to work, and so while we work really hard, we also have fun and look after our culture, too. We offer plenty of flexibility, amazing team events and lots of opportunities to grow.

Your role

We’re looking for someone who will work closely with our Tech team to help take legacy codebase and refactor it to make it scalable. You’ll make sure it’s squeaky clean without ever sacrificing security. Our growth rate is taking leaps and bounds, so we’re working on refactoring our monolith solution to keep up with our end-user increase and client wins. We also have an extensive backlog of product features which need to be built, so there is lots to keep you busy!

We’re a little obsessive about using the most appropriate tech to solve our problems, so there’s always an opportunity to learn new skills. We’ve built recent features in React instead of Angular as it was the best tech for that situation so the team got to up-skill in that framework. In the backend we’re looking at using NOSQL databases alongside SQL, we’re moving from a single solution to more asynchronous messaging based architecture (eventually microservices) so there’s a real opportunity there to properly architect that. And if you’re interested: we do mobile apps, API development, integrations and all that, too. Easy.


A few years ago, Rotageek was a small side project; our CEO, an A&E doctor, wanted to improve scheduling in his hospital department. Today, we’re a software company leading the way in reinventing how employees are scheduled.

We’re helping some of the largest UK organisations move from paper and excel based rotas to intelligent and interactive schedules. In doing so, we’re helping employees gain more ownership over their hours - improving their work-life balance - whilst making sure that businesses improve how they run their operations. We use intelligent technology to make sure the right staff are in the right place at the right time, whilst making the process of creating, communicating and modifying a rota as easy as possible.

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